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Õismäe Kart Circuit

The FK Centre Õismäe outdoor circuit stretches 730 meters in length, featuring broad turns and several straight sections. The circuit provides an exciting and adrenaline-fuelled experience for racers of any skill level. 

The powerful Rimo karts enable impressive acceleration on straightaways, while the track’s width in the corners allows for skilful overtaking manoeuvres.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 10 racers at once, the track is an ideal venue for successful company events, competitions and friendly challenges between groups of friends. 


The outdoor track at the FK Centre is operational in all weather conditions.


At the FK Centre, we utilise the world-renowned RIMO ALPHA 2 karts, which are specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of the hobby karting circuit. The Honda 270’s cubic engine and exceptional manoeuvrability provide racers with maximum driving pleasure and safety.

Rimo Alpha data:

    • Weight 119kg (without driver)
    • Hydraulic braking system
    • Adjustable seat
    • A belt-driven transmission system that is specially tuned for our track
    • Power 9 hp (Honda 270cc)
    • Maximum speed on our track 75km/h

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