Track and karts

FK Keskus uses Rimo Alpha2 karts, acknowledged in Europe, specifically manufactured for the high requirements of hobby kart tracks. The Alpha Honda GX 270 9 horsepower engine and the kart’s excellent handling ensure a truly high-level karting experience.

cart-2Technical information:

  • Frame:  ø31.8mm tube, high-alloyed steel
  • Dimensions: 1980 / 1370 / 600mm (l/w/h)
  • Weight: 119kg
  • Brakes: hydraulic dual-circuit brake
  • Transmission: Tothed belt drive
  • Engine: Honda GX270 9 HP
  • Tires: Dunlop
  • The maximum speed on our track: 70 km/h

The Track



730 m long track of the FK Keskus, having wide curves and several straights, offers driving joy and adrenaline boost to racers of widely differing levels. New powerful RIMO ALPHA karts allow for impressive acceleration on straights and the width of the track in curves makes it possible to perform spectacular passes. The track can accommodate up to 12 drivers simultaneously, and this allows for successful company parties, competitive events and challenges between companies and between friends.


  1. By entering a go-kart, you confirm that you have the basic skills of driving a motor vehicle, you are able to use the controls (throttle, brakes, steering wheel) and your health state permits driving a motor vehicle. It is prohibited to drive a go-kart under the influence of alcohol, narcotic substances or medicines.
  2. You are obliged to wear a balaclava and a helmet when driving a go-kart; it is forbidden to drive while wearing flowing clothes or items or long untied hair – this may cause injures.
  3. Presence at the circuit’s box area is allowed only for entering and exiting the go-karts; it is forbidden to be present in the box area for any other purposes.
  4. Traffic on the karting track takes place counter-clockwise only; it is strictly forbidden to drive the other way around. Exiting the go-kart while on the track is not allowed; if you need help, raise your hand.
  5. Referees give signs on the circuit with signal flags; the signal flags have the following meanings:
  • Yellow flag – hazard on the track, slow down until the hazard is clear, no passing allowed;
  • Blue flag – let the faster driver pass, slow down and hold your racing line;
  • Black flag – enter the box immediately;
  • Chequered flag – the race has ended, enter the box. Driving speed in the box is restricted to walking speed of a human.
  1. Bumping a go-kart against track boundaries or other go-karts is considered reckless driving. If reckless driving is hazardous to other drivers or to the go-kart, damages the track or endangers the personnel, the track personnel will have the right to terminate your racing.
  2. The culpable person having caused an accident is obliged to pay for the go-kart parts becoming damaged in the accident, according to the price list of go-kart parts established by FK Keskus.
  3. You will be responsible for your actions or inactions in the territory of FK Keskus; karting takes place at your own risk.

We wish you an interesting and enjoyable racing experience!

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