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 Paldiski road is under repair. Temporary access to the kart track is indicated in the map.




FK outdoortrack centre is 730 meters long, wide curves and several straights. The trail offers driving pleasure and adrenaline injection with very different levels of Speeder, racing is always exciting. Usually driven clockwise but occasionally we organize trips in a clockwise direction. Powerful Alpha karts allow for impressive acceleration on straights and the width of the track curves allows to perform spectacular passes. Very good lap times of under 44 seconds, with an average speed of just over 60 km / h. The track can accommodate up to 12 passengers at a time, allowing the company to successfully organize events, competitions and challenges for companies and friends. FK Centre outdoor track run in any weather.


  rimo alpha 2

Since June 2014 used in Europe recognized company Rimo Alpha2 new karts that are specially made to meet the high demands of hobikardiradade. Alpha2 kart Honda GX 270 9 horsepower engine and kart excellent maneuverability ensure a high level of genuine Karts.

Rimo Alpha data:
• 31,8mm frame, which is made of special heat-treated for strength and long life for the metal.
• Length 1980mm
• Width 1370mm
• Height 600mm
• Weight 119kg (without driver)
• Hydraulic brake
• Veoülekanne strap, which is specially configured for the pathway to our
• Capacity 9 horsepower
• Honda Engine GX 270
• Dunlop Tyres
• The height of 20mm
• Maximum speed on our track 65-80km / h

The powerful Honda GX 270 9 horsepower engine

Driving rules


First feared, sitting, you confirm that you have primary motor management skills, know how to use the control devices (gas, brake, steering wheel) and your state of health allows driving a motor vehicle. Kart control of alcohol, drugs or under the influence of drugs is prohibited.


2. kart driving are required to use a balaclava and a helmet is not allowed to fly loose clothing or objects, and long flowing hair – it may cause injury.

3. the passenger area of the box is allowed to stay only in karts entry and exit, for other purposes in the field box is not permitted.

4. Driving kart track in clockwise direction, opposite to the direction of travel is strictly prohibited. Kardis Exiting while driving is not permitted, requiring assistance to raise your hand.

5. The Judges will take place on the track signals using signal flags, signal flags have the following meanings:

• Yellow flag – the risk of runway, reducing the speed of the danger awaiting overtaking prohibited

• The Blue Flag – let along faster, reduce speed and maintain your driving line

• Black Flag – instantly fly box

• A checkered flag – the race is over, drive box. Box driving speed is the maximum speed of a person walking.

6. kart rajapiirete or other go-carts, a driving deemed to careless driving. If careless driving poses a threat to other passengers, Kärdi impairs or endangers the track staff, employees are entitled to track your journey interrupted.

7. Emergency kardidetailide broken during the accident caused the cost required to compensate. Indemnification shall FK Centre kardidetailide price list.

8. In its action or inaction of the Centre for FK territories are responsible for themselves, karts at your own risk.


Monday – Friday 14:00-21:00

Saturday, Sunday 12:00-21:00

We wish you an interesting and enjoyable racing experience! [vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][contact_box address=”Paldiski mnt. 229a. Tallinn, Estonia” title=”Contact” telephone=”+372 606 7000″ email=”fkkeskus@fkkeskus.ee” www=”www.fkkeskus.ee” image=”67″][/vc_column][/vc_row]